The African Economic Development Center offers numerous and diverse opportunities to investors who have an interest in investing in Africa for the great high yielding returns that abound on our beautiful continent! Learn more about the intentioned investment goals of different countries in Africa, particularly, Ghana which is known as the gateway to Africa! Identify and select your choice if investment and let us facilitate your investment. We help you register your company, find appropriate offices, skilled and unskilled human resource, and meet all the legal requirements of incorporating in Ghana and other select countries lincluding Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroun and Nigeria. We prepare the market for your investment and identify suitable partners if need be. Because we are from here, we can guide you and provide real time intel that will make an otherwise complicated process, as easy as ABC.


Ghana is  Africa’s largest producer of gold.

Ghana is a leading exporter of diamonds

Ghana is an oil producing country and has found Africa’s largest deposit of Oil.

Ghana is the world’s second highest producer of cocoa.

Ghana has one of the largest bauxite deposits in Africa.

Ghana has started producing lithium used in mobile phone batteries.

An English speaking country, over the last two decades, Ghana has enjoyed increasingly stable and deepening democratic governance. Seven successful elections have strengthened the effectiveness of key national institutions, enhanced investor confidence and anchored the economy in an environment for positive growth.

Today, Ghana is not only the best place for doing business in West Africa, but the fastest growing economy in the world according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2019. The country has developed into an established business destination for investors seeking a conducive business environment, committed and progressive government-private sector participation, political stability, transparent regulations and a dynamic private sector ready for partnerships. The government is committed to implementing policies that reduce the general cost of doing business to promote investor confidence in the country. Here are seven reasons to invest in Ghana.

Ghana has registered over US $ 3 billion worth of investments this year. Ghana has a solid tradition of investments in agriculture and agro-processing. The financial services and telecommunications sectors are fast gaining ground, providing dynamic and innovative services to the most diverse customers in the world. Further opportunities exist in manufacturing, ICT, and Tourism. Ghana can be described as a multi-faith society, although about 72.1% of the populace are affiliated to Christianity.

There is a large population of expatriates who live and work in the country, most of who have identified Ghana as a safe haven to conduct their various businesses.

Ghana observes the Greenwich Meridian time, together with London and Lisbon. There are two main seasons, the wet season and the dry season.


  1. Stable democratic climate

 Ranked as the most stable political environment within the West African sub region and fifth in Africa, Ghana has established democratic institutions and systems to ensure good governance and rule of law in the country – AfricaBenchmark Country Report (ABCR, 2017)

·       Best judicial system in the world measured by rule of law, World Justice Projects (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2017-2018

·       #2 in West Africa, Global Peace Index 2018

2.     Ease of doing business

·       Ranked best place for doing business in West Africa according to the Ease of Doing Business Report 2019 (114thglobally)

·       Best destination in Sub-Saharan Africa (A.T Kearney Global Services Location Index (GSLI), 2017

·       Most competitive economy in the West African sub region and #10 in Sub Saharan Africa, (World Economic ForumGlobal Competitiveness Index 2018)

·       #2 FDI destination in West Africa & #7 in Sub-Saharan Africa (EY Attractiveness Survey 2018)

3.     Accessibility

·       Geographically closer than any other country to the center of the planet. An average of 8 hours of flying time to Europe and the Americas. World Population Review (WPR)

·       Refurbished world class airport within the West African sub region serving numerous flights from within the continent, Europe and the rest of the world

·       Home to one of West Africa’s largest ports (Tema which is currently being upgraded to handle 3.5 million TEUs) centrally located in West Africa. (Aecom Projects)

·       Good network of trunk roads and financial services

·       Immediate access to the over 350m market of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

4.    Competitive and educated labour force

·      Availability of skilled and trainable labour

·      One of the most competitive minimum wages in the West African sub region at an annual average rate of $558

·      One of the highest literacy rates in the West African sub –region (World by Map 2018)

5.    Growing population and middle class

·    Growing population of ~2% p.a. with increasing urbanization and growing middle class– composed of individuals with a daily income of at least $8.44 – exceeds 1m people, (KPMG)

6.   Strong resource pool

·    #2 largest cocoa producer in the world and Africa’s biggest gold miner recently surpassing South Africa

7.   Other International Benchmarks

·      #6 overall in Africa – Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance of African Governance (IIAG 2018)

·    #5 in Africa for Human development

·    #6 for Safety and Rule of Law 

·    Most resilient economy in West Africa, (African Attractiveness Index 2018) 

Country’s Credit Rating

–       B – positive (Standard & Poor’s)

–       B – stable (Fitch Ratings)

–       B3 – stable (Moody’s Investors Service)